National Center for Expertise staff trained in Germany
Сотрудники Национального центра экспертизы прошли обучение в Германии 02.09.2019

Employees of the National Center for Expertise underwent training in certification of biological safety boxes in research laboratories at the international company TÜV Nord Group in Hamburg, Germany.

TÜV Nord Group - founded in 1869 with headquarters in Hanover, Germany, the company employs more than 10,000 people with offices in more than 90 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. One of the areas of the company is certification of biological safety boxes in accordance with international standards. The company is associated with particular safety and reliability, as this certification body is recognized worldwide and has many years of positive experience.

TÜV Nord Group trainers shared their best practices, knowledge in the field of biosafety. Namely, how to correctly determine the hazard class of laboratories, they told the classification of boxes, test methods, the impact of ventilation systems on the operation of boxes, etc.

Much attention was paid not only to theoretical knowledge, but also to the development of practical skills necessary in the work. During the practice, specialists measured the air flow, replaced the filters and their effectiveness.

Upon completion of training, NCE employees passed exams and received certificates.

Thus, the National Center of Expertise, having in its staff its own certified specialists, was able to carry out certification in their laboratories, in which there are more than 200 units of boxes. The knowledge gained by the participants in the training will be used to improve safety, protect people and the environment.

In addition, already this year the Center plans to purchase modern equipment for certification of boxes, with the help of which it is possible to assess the condition of the boxes with maximum accuracy and, most importantly, protect specialists from harmful substances when working in biological safety boxes.